Rio Maguari is highly experienced in arranging Brazilian funding sources and a range of financing arrangements are available for any type of vessel. 


The main funding sources for shipbuilding in Brazil are the Merchant Marine Fund (FMM), FINAME, the FNO in the Northern region, and BNDES Exim and PROEX for export goods and services.
 The funding resources are not limited to these main sources. Rio Maguari aims to support you in finding the most suitable financing solution.


The Merchant Marine Fund (FMM) provides resources to the development of the Merchant Marine and of the Brazilian shipbuilding and ship repair industry. The FMM is managed by the Ministry of Transportation and its financial agents are the Brazilian Development Bank – BNDES and all other government controlled federal banks.


FINAME is a financing source of the National Brazilian Development Bank – BNDES focused on financing the production and acquisition of national machines and equipment accredited at BNDES.


The Constitutional Financing Fund of the North – FNO aims to contribute to the promotion of the economic and social development of the region, through programs of financing to the private productive sectors and its resources are administered by the Bank of the Amazon.


BNDES Exim is a financing source of the Brazilian Development Bank – BNDES for the export of goods and services and provides support to trade Brazilian goods abroad, at the post-shipment phase, through a network of accredited banks. 


PROEX – Export Financing Program is a Brazilian ruled program designed to support and finance exportation of goods and services produced by national companies focused on small and medium companies guaranteed with National Treasury. The PROEX is operated by Banco do Brasil.